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Problem Of RR Mail With New Update 8.4 On iPhone 6 Can Now Be Resolved

Many emails users are using iPhone 6 and 6 plus as they categorize this phone under ‘Best and popular’ smartphone option. However, some of the users are getting strange issue while performing the change in email settings. They are trying to reset their email settings to default settings and some of them have even got success.

Incoming server mail: Hostname: Here this server address includes server location as well as the initials of your location where you are presently at.

Outgoing server mail: SMTP: People find it difficult to create more than one email or folder in Roadrunner email so as to transfer the mails just like that in Gmail.

One day, some of the iPhone users while accessing the RR mail noticed that there are additional mail folders in all email account except for one email account. They were shocked at first sight because they have never seen such issue on email earlier. The mail folders were also editable but email account remains unchanged.

After this, they tried to check the settings of that mail whose folders can be edited and found the following settings:



Some email addresses can be altered but some are not. They find the message appearing on the screen which says, ‘Email can’t be accessed right now because it is currently being used’. They believe that if they are using mail on email app, then they will find the message on Apple iPhone when they try to access the same account.

People are bit confused and disappointed with weird things occurring on RR mail. They don’t know why this is happening and how to get rid of it.

RR mail was working normally before 8.4 updates, but when people updated their Apple OS to the new version, they started getting an error message. They want to know if the problem is being faced by them only or by others as well.

One of the users has tried to solve the problem by switching off the phone but the problem remained the same.

Here’s a solution to the problem. You need to create a new mailbox and for that, you need to change to the pop server. The steps to do so are mentioned here as under:

  1. Open ‘Mail, contacts and calendars’ from settings.
  2. Click on ‘Add an account’ followed by ‘other’.
  3. Enter the name, user ID and password.
  4. Click ‘Next’.
  5. Select either IMAP or POP.
  6. Now, set the email account settings or check if these are set by default.

If you want more details related to the port number, server address or type of email account, then stay in touch with the RR com support. The technical representatives know the right settings. Moreover, if you are still getting the same problem, then don’t hesitate to ask the solution to this problem. You can save time and money both by calling at email support number and talk to experts.


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