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Is Your Roadrunner Email Stopped Unexpectedly On Android OS?

With the help of latest smartphones, it has become convenient to send and receive the emails easily without requiring a laptop or hard box which we call as a personal computer. At the same time, it may cause inconvenience as well. If the Roadrunner email installed on your smartphone stopped working unexpectedly, then you can imagine the level of frustration or botheration which is being faced due to this.

If the email stopped working all of a sudden, then this may be due to the poor internet connection or internet connectivity is limited. Apart from this, if the app crashes or the cache memory restrict the app from opening then there is definitely some problem with the task manager that requires restarting or clearing of cache.

Internet access: Without proper internet connection on your smartphone, you can’t update the email or send and receive the email. Check the status of the network from the icon displaying on the top of the home screen. If you are connecting through the cellular network, then check the 3G or 4G icons indicating connection speed. If no data connection or Wi-Fi is available on the phone, change the direction or location of your smartphone.


If you have disabled the ‘Auto-Sync’ feature of your smartphone, then the updates relating to apps including Roadrunner email will not be done. If this is disabled accidentally, then enable it by getting into ‘Settings’> ‘Accounts and sync’. Slide to turn this feature on.

Task managers

There is a task manager available in the smartphone through which the apps can be controlled or stopped. If your email app is stopped by the task manager due to some restrictions, then you can reopen the task manager and launch the app again. Go to task manager settings and click on ‘Roadrunner email’. Select ‘Don’t close this email app’ option.

Clear cache and reset

Sometimes, you will find vague or unclear errors that exist due to data stored in the cache. The purpose of cache is to store the temporary data of an app and make it run faster than normal. When you clear the old cache data, it will not remove any file or data from the email rather this will refresh the email app. To clear cache, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Applications’. Go to ‘Manage apps’ and select ‘All’ under email. Click on ‘Clear cache’. Turn off the device by clicking the power button for at least 5 seconds. Press the power button again and release when you find the Samsung icon on the phone screen.

Now, open the email app again and try using it for some time. If the problem is resolved then it’s ok, otherwise, you can get help from the email experts.

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