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How To Turn On ‘Auto Responder’ In Outlook Email For Roadrunner Email Account?

In Outlook 2016, you will find a feature named ‘Auto-responder’ with the help of which the emails can be responded quickly without user intervention. This feature is useful especially when you are on vacation, leave or change your email address. The receiver will receive short notification from your side regarding the unavailability of the user. To set this feature on your Roadrunner email, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Creating a template

  • From Home screen, click on ‘New email’.
  • Configure the message you want to add as a notification.
  • Click on ‘File’ from top to save the content.
  • Click ‘Type’ and select ‘Outlook template’.
  • Enter any name and save option.
  • Close new message window.

Now, configure the same template on Outlook, here’s how you can accomplish.

  1. From the Outlook window, go to ‘Rules’ and select ‘Manage rules and alerts’.
  2. A new window will get opened. If more than one account is synchronized with the outlook, click on the particular account.
  3. Tap ‘New Rule’ button.
  4. From the given options, click on ‘Apply rules on the message I receive’.
  5. To specify the time period, you can enter the dates and time slot for which you are unavailable. Click on option ‘Received at specific time period’.
  6. Now, you will be directed to the page, where the start and end dates will be displayed. Tap ‘OK’ then ‘Next’.
  7. From the next window, click on ‘Use specific template’ and highlight the term mentioned in step 2.
  8. As soon as you click ‘Next’, you will find the ‘browse’ option to select the user template from the list.
  9. Check if the previously created template is in the list or not. If it is available, then select and upload it.
  10. From the rules screen, click on the ‘Automatic response’ to set it for particular or all emails. If you want to apply for all emails, then click ‘All mails’ followed by ‘Next’.
  11. Enter any specific name for the rule. If you want to apply the rule immediately after this, then click on the option accordingly, otherwise, select ‘Create them’.
  12. Tap ‘Finish’.
  13. Click ‘Apply’ and Ok to end the process.
  14. When any new message is received in the inbox, the outlook will automatically send the template message to the sender. In addition to this, you will get an email in the inbox indicating the sender with Auto-respond message.

So, it is all about the steps to create the ‘Auto reply’ feature in the Outlook. If you want to disable it again, you can go to ‘Management’ from the settings and click on ‘Disable Auto-response’.

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