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How To Troubleshoot The Problem In Receiving Attachment In Your Roadrunner Email Inbox?

The problem of downloading an attachment from the Roadrunner email account has been faced by more than 40% of Roadrunner email users but this can be easily fixed by implementing the steps or diagnosing the problem before fixing it.

Attachments in the mail include image, file, and document or PDF document. The above-mentioned attachments can be sent to any email account from your email account through valid email address. If you are having a problem with sending or receiving an attachment in the inbox, then here are some suggestions which you can follow.

  1. Not sufficient space: If you are not being able to download the attachment, then check the space available in the inbox of the email account. There is some limit of storage in every email account. If the storage is full, the email attachment will keep on rejecting. In such a case, you can either free up space or send the mail to an alternate email address.
  2. Attachment size too big: If you are going to receive an email that has attachment size more than the defined limit, then you will not receive it until or unless you compress it. You can either share the file over email drive or compress the file using WinRAR software.
  3. Attachment extension problem: Every attachment has its own extension like document has extension type .doc or docx and pdf.  If you are receiving an attachment that has any other extension not approved by Microsoft, then you will find the attachment problem. Microsoft generally doesn’t accept attachments with extension .mst,Wsc, .shb and .Exe. You can send these file type attachments through Zip folder. You need to encrypt the data in a Zip folder.
  4. Virus in attachment: When you receive any new mail with attachment attached, then the computer Antivirus program first scan for viruses if any. If it finds any virus in the file, then you won’t open it on the device.
  5. The problem in antivirus program: If the Antivirus program installed in the computer is out of date or not updated, then you will come across the attachment downloading issue because the Antivirus program will keep on blocking it without any reason.
  6. Attachments not permitted by the Email service provider: Some email service providers don’t allow attachments with email due to a number of reasons. In such cases, you can’t do anything than to change the Email service provider.
  7. Attachment added incorrectly: If the attachment is not properly attached or added, then you will find the problem.

Problem with the client web server: If there is some problem with the web server, then you will find the problem in receiving the attachment. If you are using any client program, then restart your computer after turning off the email client. If you are still having a problem, then contact email service providers. You need to check the note if printed anything on email screen. Check the note from the home page of RR Mail Login. If you find any alert or message on the screen, then do read it. This may be related to attachment or other functions of your email account.

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