How To Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email ‘Server Error 501’?

Roadrunner email experiences a number of errors, but most of those are fixed by making changes to a few settings. However, there are certain errors that are more persistent and no matter what changes people make, those errors stay as it is. One such error is Roadrunner email ‘Server Error 501’. Let’s find out how to fix this error because it has been annoying a vast majority of RR email users.

RR Email is an excellent email service that is primarily being used by people living in the US. In the world of free emails, it seems quite strange as to why people are using a paid email service. The answer to the question can be found from the number of features included in Roadrunner email. It is a well-known fact that emails are used when messages are meant to be conveyed in a formal and secured way. With RR email, you can send emails in a much easier way than any other email service.

However, people are facing an error while accessing Roadrunner email, i.e., error 501. Let us find out as to why this error appears in the email and how to fix it.

One of the most common ways of using RR email is by configuring it with an email client. While there are many email clients available, but people find Windows Live Mail to be extremely reliable. If you too have configured your RR email with Windows Live Mail, then you can easily access your RR email.

Many other users have thought the same, but as of late, they have started experiencing issues. They are not able to send emails to their contacts and seeing ‘501 error’. Initially, they were not able to identify as to why this error has occurred in the first place. Everything was working fine a night ago, and all of a sudden, an error has occurred and ruined everything.

As a result of error 501, emails can’t be sent to the contacts. What users are seeing is, ‘setting for your (SMTP) outgoing email server will have to be re-configured’. If you find the right server settings, then you need to get in touch with Roadrunner email help and support provider.

  1. Server Error: 501.
  2. Server: ‘’.
  3. Server Response: 501 5.5.2 RCPT TO Syntax error.
  4. Port: 587 or 25.
  5. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC79.
  6. Secure (SSL): No.

They haven’t faced any such issue in the past. Moreover, they don’t know as to what has caused such an error in the first place. The moment they check Windows Live Mail, they receive the same message, i.e., ‘email can’t be sent’. It is a serious issue because an email service is all about sending and receiving emails, and when an email service is unable to do that, then it leads to a huge frustration.

Some users have also tried to close Windows Live Mail, which is their email client, but when they did that, they saw a different message popping up on the screen, i.e., ‘You have an unsent message in your outbox’. This particular message appears on behalf of Windows Live Mail. There is one more thing that is asked in the message, i.e., ‘Do you want to send emails now’. But, there isn’t any email present in the outbox.

There is no surety as to why such an issue has occurred in the first place and how it can be fixed. Well, the solution to the problem can be found at Roadrunner email login help and support providers.

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