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How To Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email After Installing Ios 13 Update

Apple has recently updated its OS version to 13 with the aim to improve the overall performance and fix the bugs reported in the previous version. There is also a built-in email app available on iOS 13. However, few users after updating the iOS are facing problems in using the Roadrunner email configured on the email app. They, in their complaint forum have told that the emails are neither receiving nor sent from their email account after update. We are now going to discuss the 5 possible solutions to this problem and we hope these solutions will solve the problem.

  1. Force close the email app: To force close the email app from your iOS phone, you need to go through the below mentioned steps.
  • Press the home button for 4 seconds and the app switcher will display on screen.
  • Select the email app from the list of apps by sliding the screen to left or right.
  • Swipe up to force close the email app.
  • Click ‘Mail’ app to log in again.
  1. Check internet connection: Even after configuring the email successfully on the iPhone, if you are still not able to access the emails, the internet problem might be the reason for it. Check the signal strength and see if there is any faulty cable connected to the modem. If you are using the cellular data for the network, then make sure that data is not exhausted.
  2. Restart your device: Most of the technical issues get resolved through soft reset of device. To restart the device, press the power button along with the Volume or center button of the iPhone. You will find the ‘Power off’ slider on the top of the screen. Tap to turn off the phone. Wait for few seconds and turn on the phone again with the same steps you performed for turning it off.
  3. Check date and time: When you update the iPhone OS, then auto-update of time zone gets disabled automatically. In such cases, the email servers fail to sync with the device and you will not receive the emails on time. To get rid of this issue, go to ‘Settings’ and enable the ‘local time and date’. If you still have any problem, then set the time and date again from scratch.
  4. Login to webmail: This step is quite simple. Just launch the web browser of your computer and enter the login address of Roadrunner email. Enter the same username and password you use to log in from the iPhone. You will find the settings appear on the screen. Check if the POP3 or IMAP account settings are properly configured or not. If not, you can take help of email experts and get the settings configured on your phone.

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