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How To Secure Roadrunner Email In Order To Avoid Data Stealing?

Are you using Roadrunner email? If yes, then I would like to tell you that your RR email is not secure. Now, don’t just start forwarding your important emails to another email account. But, you need to find out as to why your email is insecure and how it can be secured.

Every time your email client looks at your mailbox using a standard POP3 protocol, then two of the most important things related to your email is transferred over the internet. These things are your username and password.`

In simple terms, if someone has an access to the login session of your email client has the ability to check out as to what your username and password is, provided the login session has your mail server. The person can also read all the emails present in your mailbox.

He/she can also read all the emails that you will receive and you won’t be able to know anything about it. He/she can also send spam emails to your contacts, an act that could land you in trouble. Now that you know the magnitude of this problem, it is time that you find the right solution to this problem.

Internet could be the most unsafe platform to share your information when you don’t pay attention to the security. Back in the day, people weren’t sharing as much information over the web as they are today. Therefore, it becomes important to have advanced security features to safeguard your email account.

If you want to ensure that your RR Email stays safe, then you will have to add an extra layer of security, i.e., activate SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. This is going to make sure that all the data, which is exchanged between the email client and server remains encrypted. The data would remain safe when it is being transferred from one email account to another.

If you think you would get the SSL connection for your RR email by contacting Time Warner Cable, then that might not be possible because there is no SSL connection available for Roadrunner email servers. It is quite awkward because SSL connection is extremely common these days.

The problem has particularly surfaced in those email services that make use of the POP3 interface. It becomes important for Roadrunner email to come up with some concrete plans to strengthen the security so that people don’t feel dubious about the safety of their email accounts.

With hackers coming up with new ways to sneak into Email Accounts, it becomes the duty of email service providers to counter all the attacks done by hackers. Roadrunner email is basically a business class email, which is used by businesspersons, therefore the information stolen by hackers is going to inflict a huge damage to the companies.

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