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How To Resolve The RR Email Errors Encountered On Ios 13?

People tend to access everything on their smartphone and tablet in today’s era due to the ease of opening the items be it email, social networking websites or any business-related apps. Most of us use the iPhone for accessing the personal email. The company has recently released iOS updates for all its devices. In the recent updates, there is an improved UI with bugs fixed reported in the previous version.

However, some users have complained of getting a problem in using the email after update. They are getting continuous errors on the screen. Some of them have tried to eradicate using restarting function but didn’t get success. Now we are going to discuss the possible problems along with the solution.

  1. Blank screen on email app: If you come across a blank screen problem on your iPhone after updating the OS, then it means there is some mistake in the email address entered. Either the email address entered is wrong or some character is missing. Steps to get rid of this problem are:
  • Remove the account completely from the app. don’t forget to clear the settings as well.
  • Clear all the emails taking too much space in the inbox. If there is an email with file size more than 20 MB, then delete it.
  • Remove all the promotional emails and advertisements.
  • Remove items if available in the outbox folder.
  • Restart your phone by first switching it off and then turning it on.
  • Reset to factory default. If after resetting the phone, the email problem is still not resolved, then you might have performed a soft reset function. Go through the steps to hard reset the phone.
  1. No new email received in the inbox and error message related to the password: If you find a message like ‘Wrong email password’ or ‘Password not correct’ on screen, then go through the below mentioned instructions.
  • Unlock the home screen by entering the PIN code.
  • Open the ‘Email’ app and click on the ‘Roadrunner’.
  • Click on the top right corner of the screen to log out of the account.
  • Login again with the same username and password. If the problem is still at large, then login from the webmail with the same details.

Important: If you are getting the promotional mails or advertisements on the email account without your consent, then block the email by entering the email address in the ‘Blocked email addresses’ field. You can also use the ‘Flag message’ option to stop receiving the email from that email address. Go to ‘Trash’ folder and see if any message is available in that folder or not. If available, move it to the inbox folder.

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