How To Know What Can Be The Reason For Roadrunner Mail Not Working On Thunderbird?

Roadrunner mail has now stopped working in Thunderbird mail all of a sudden. The reason behind this problem is not diagnosed by the people but they are trying hard to find it. Today, we will try to find out the possible cause of this problem along with the troubleshooting steps.

A good mass of people is using Thunderbird Mail as it is easy to hook-up with any other mail service. Though, there are some Roadrunner mail users who are getting the problem in configuring it on Thunderbird. They are getting a message on screen showing, ‘Sorry the password is not available or you can’t send password’. Some users are even receiving a message that is prompting them to Send pass command but when they enter the password, they receive the same error message.

It’s a matter of fact that people were using both these platforms since long but hadn’t come across such problem earlier. They are facing this for the first time which is why they are disappointed with it. Some of the users have tried to solve it by contacting the Thunderbird mail support team, but they didn’t get a genuine reply from them. When people connecting to RR Email Login from internet explorer, then it is connected successfully. The problem is only with the Thunderbird.

People after getting No reply from the RR support team are desperately looking for help from Mozilla support. No doubt, there are so many experts who can help them but the question is whether they will get help for the prevailing issue or not.

It is important to tell you here that when you connect to the Roadrunner service from Thunderbird, then the servers connecting to it are different from that of the one used with another internet browser like Explorer. If you are able to use RR mail with internet explorer, then it is none of your business.

The list of questions whose answers are to be needed by the people facing this problem are:

  1. Which version of Thunderbird has been used by you right now? For this, you can go to the ‘Help’ option followed by ‘Version’.
  2. Check server settings whether these are OK or not. Things that you need to check in server settings are Server name, Port number, connection security, Authentication method. This you can check from ‘Tools’ followed by ‘Account settings’ then ‘Server settings’.

After getting answers to these questions, people will be able to identify the cause of the problem and fix it accordingly.  Another important thing to mention here is that TWC is going to switch its servers and domains to other servers for a temporary time period so we recommend you to migrate instead of getting trapped in the technical glitch. If you want to fix this problem, then one thing that you can do is check the server settings and correct them if required.

If you still experience the same problem, then it is better to contact Roadrunner mail support instead of wasting time on searching for solutions online. The technical representatives will help you solve each and every problem related to Roadrunner mail.

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