How To Know That Why Roadrunner Email Service Is Not Working Properly With Apple Servers?

Some users have complained that they are getting the problem in receiving Roadrunner mail on Apple servers. They are using apple own domains or me.com domain. People are searching for the solution because their whole work is getting affected. Moreover, business persons are not being able to reply to urgent emails due to this problem.

Even there is a huge number of arguments done on Apple complaint forum in this regard. The issue is, particularly on the mac and me domains. Users are getting the problem in receiving the mail in their roadrunner email account. They first believe that this issue might be due to the problem with the Roadrunner email server but the issue is not related to the email service. This problem is affecting the people living in the U.S.

Let’s start with the solution. Before discussing the solution, we will try to find out the reason for this problem or why this problem is encountering on Apple servers only. One of the users explained that he hasn’t received the mail which he was waiting for on his ‘Hawaii.rr.com’. Another user who is facing the same problem has mentioned the same that there is some problem with the Roadrunner mail account. Some of the users are receiving the emails 24 hours after the actual time of delivery.

So, you can say that the domain isn’t blocked but there are some technical issues encountered in it which are creating the problem. Emails forwarded from Roadrunner email to the .me account are forwarding normally and not affected at all. The same problem is reported on Comcast.net as well.

This issue is poignant the people business, as their daily work is being compromised due to the non-receiving of mails. They are receiving delayed messages in their inbox. The problem is deceived between Apple and TWC Email Login servers, so either of these companies has to troubleshoot the problem.

At this point in time, this issue seems to be irregular or illogical and it is influencing more than 50% of RR mail users.  People have also tried to contact RR email support executives and Apple authorities in this regard but according to the present scenario, nothing seems to be a valid or proper fix for the problem. Most of the users are of the view that this problem is due to Apple servers so it is the sole responsibility of Apple to get this issue fixed as early as possible. Though the actual problem is not known.

It is also good to get some suggestions or tips from the Roadrunner email support team. As they have vast experience in this field, so they will definitely help you to come out of this situation. If they find that the problem is with the Apple servers only, then also they will let you know and told you to ask the solution from the support team. Last but not least, the internet connection on the device must be stable and strong.

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