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How To Know About The List Of Common Abbreviations Used In Roadrunner And Other Emails?

There is a number of short forms of words we use in email composing but most of the times we don’t know their exact meaning and open Google to search for it. The acronyms mentioned in the post will help you in understanding the common words completely.

Abbreviations like A/C, ASAP, and FYI are very common in business emails and other situations. We know there are thousands of acronyms used in common English. We are now going to discuss the 9 most common abbreviations or short forms used in routine life at the corporate environment.

  1. FYI, PSC or PSI: FYI stands for ‘For your information’. This abbreviation is used when to want to address something to some person. It will put emphasis on the particular matter when you forward the mail with FYI within.
  2. ASAP: It means ‘As soon as possible’. If you want quick revert from the receiver or from whom you are going to deliver any message, then you can use ASAP. The respondent will respond quickly after this.
  3. RSVP: You might have heard this word even before. This can be seen on invitation cards as well. It is a French word originated from the same country which means ‘Repondez S’il Vous Plait’. You can use this slang at the end of the message to confirm their presence at the event or meeting going to happen in the future.
  4. C/O or A/C: If you are adding C/O in the RR Email message then it means you are sending a message from being a part of the company or you are simply representing the company. C/O stands for ‘Care of’. You need to add this word in ‘To’ field where you enter the sender’s address.
  5. ATT: This is an acronym for Goodbye. You can add this acronym at the end of the email. ‘ATT is an acronym for ‘Attention’. You can use similarly as you use the word ‘Attached’.
  6. ABS: This is an abbreviation for ‘Hugs’. This is a casual way of saying goodbye at the end of every corporate mail. You can use this acronym with the help of inverted comma or person signature. A substitute method to give hugs is ‘ABS’.
  7. P.S: It’s a Latin word and stands for ‘Post Scriptum’. You can use this word for a particular situation at the end of the email. If you forgot to add the important piece of information in the main body of the mail, you can add through Post scriptum.
  8. Obs: As the name implies, it stands for ‘Observation’ and is used for emails that want to draw the attention of the reader for certain subject. To put emphasis on the particular content, you can use the word ‘OBS’ with a colon to indicate that the word is important.
  9. TKS: of English origin, TKS means ‘Thanks’. It is used in terms of thanks. If the environment where you are working is casual, then you can use ‘TKS’ in your email and texting.

The above-mentioned abbreviations can be used in routine mail conversation. If you have not used these abbreviations once, then you must try at least once.

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