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How To Ignore Threads And Sub-Threads In Your RR Email Login?

Threads and sub-threads most of the time are interesting, but on some occasions, they are of no relevance whatsoever, yet we keep on getting those threads in our RR email. If you too are dealing with the same problem, then I’m sure that you would have tried to find out a way to ignore those threads and sub-threads, but have you found it? I’m assuming the answer is ‘No’ because if you had found a way then you wouldn’t be reading this post. So, let us delve into the process of how to ignore threads and sub-threads.

How to ‘ignore threads?

If you were considering threads as a great insight into specific topics, then you were just seeing half of the picture. Although threads are quite useful at times, when the discussions done in those threads are of no use, then I’m sure you don’t want to see those threads in your RR Mail Login account anymore.

So, how to keep yourself away from such threads? Well, you can do so by enabling a feature called ‘ignore thread’. Most people don’t know about this feature because they never get a chance to use it, so if you too were unaware of it, then you should know that it’s there and you can use it to ignore threads appearing in your RR Email. Although, the thread would continue to appear in your RR email account, you will not be notified, thus allowing you to focus on the things that you really want to.

How to ignore threads?

The process of ignoring a thread begins with choosing a particular thread and then, selecting ‘ignore thread’. If you want to use your keyboard, then press ‘K’ key to enable ‘ignore thread’ feature. Pressing ‘K’ key is going to select all the messages, but then, you can manually unselect those, which you don’t want to ignore.

Messages that remain selected will not be shown in the thread pane anymore, but those are not deleted. If you wish to see those messages in the future, then there are settings to follow in order to see those messages. If you get new replies in the conversation that you have selected ‘not to see any more’, then you won’t be notified about those new replies.

How to ignore a sub-thread?

Just like how you can ignore a thread, there is a procedure for ignoring sub-thread as well. The difference between ignoring a thread and ignoring a sub-thread is that when you ignore a sub-thread, then you are just ignoring those messages that are responses to sub-thread that started from the message that you’ve selected. You will ignore all those conversations that have become irrelevant.

How to see if the threads have been ignored or not?

If you are interested in seeing the threads that you have ignored, then go to ‘view’ > ‘Threads’ > ‘Ignored Threads’. Just go through the threads that you want to see and then, uncheck the threads. This is how you can view threads on a temporary basis.

If you want to un-ignore the thread that you have marked ignored previously. In order to do so, just select the message in the thread, then, uncheck the message and finally, select ‘ignore thread’. Doing this will un-ignore that message in the thread.

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