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How To Get Roadrunner Email On Nokia 8.1 Phone?

Setting up Roadrunner email on any smartphone is not as simple as it sounds. You need to configure some settings only after which you can enjoy emailing experience. If you are looking for steps to configure the email on Nokia 8.1 phone, then here are some suggestions for you by implementing which you can easily start sending and receiving the emails.

Roadrunner email service is free of cost service given only to the TWC customers who have subscribed to any of the services of it. For instance, if you have subscribed to the internet services, you can easily get complimentary email service by just entering the subscription ID in the ‘Source’ field of setup. The pre-requisites for setup are:

  • Valid email account.
  • Email address with password.
  • Nokia 8.1 smartphone with the app installed on it.

Apart from this, there is a need for high-speed internet connection by using this, you can complete the further setup steps.

  1. Open email app from your Nokia 8.1 smartphone and enter RR email in the email service provider name field. If it doesn’t recognize, you can add it manually.
  2. Tap ‘Next’.
  3. Enter the email address of your Roadrunner email account.
  4. Enter subscription ID. As discussed earlier, the subscription ID is provided by the TWC communications.
  5. Tap ‘Next’.
  6. Now, you need to select the ‘Account type’. It can be IMAP or POP3.
  7. Select any one choice. If you want to know in details about IMAP or POP3 account type, you can click on the particular link given related to this.
  8. Use IMAP for syncing the devices.
  9. Enter password. If you forgot the password, click ‘Forgot password’ link.
  10. Click to enter a username in the incoming mail server settings field and address in the next field.
  11. Select the security type. For incoming servers, there isn’t any need of security type, so select ‘None’.
  12. In the outgoing server field, select ‘None’ for the security type.
  13. Click ‘Auto-login’ option.
  14. Tap ‘Edit’ from the settings menu.
  15. Enter the name of an email account in the field given next to it. The name will be displayed on the addressee screen. This the name by which the receiver will recognize you.
  16. Click ‘Take me to TWC demo tour’. In this short demo video, you will learn about the different features, functions, and menus available in the email. It includes Spam mails, Trash folder, ‘Forwarding’, attaching a file and sending a simple message. If you want to watch video on particular topic, go to topic directly.

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