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How To Get Rid Of Annoying RR Mail Issue Encountered On iPhone 6 With 8.4 Update?

The problem with Roadrunner mail on iPhone 6 is disappointing the users. So, let’s find out some easy tricks to get rid of all the issues prevalent on iPhone 6 with 8.4 updates.

There are plenty of users who are using iPhone 6 and 6plus with latest OS version 8.4. While using it, they come across an unexpected error when they try to change the mail settings. When they try to configure the same settings on webmail, they find it successful.

Incoming server mail:

Hostname: Here NY stands for New York.  You can change it according to the current location where you are currently living.

Outgoing server mail:


People don’t have the option to create an additional inbox for RR Mail as they can do for Gmail or other mail services.

Some of the users who were maintaining more than one mail account on the Roadrunner Webmail noticed one day that except for one mail account, they had been able to create multiple folders on other mail accounts. They were amazed to see this at first sight. Moreover, they noticed that the subfolders were also editable but the one that was creating the problem remained unchanged.

After so many workarounds, they had come to the conclusion that is being discussed right now in the next passage:



When they tried to change the settings of email, they got a message displaying that ‘The mail is already being accessed from another device’ Try after some time. They thought that this might be occurring as they have configured the mail on iPhone as well as on iPad.

People were getting disappointed with this weird thing occurring on Roadrunner mail login page on iPhone 6. Moreover, they have no idea how to fix it and how long it will take to get fixed properly.

Some users have also written in the comments section that prior updating the OS version, everything was working normally but as soon as they updated the OS version to 8.4 they had started getting the problem.

They are looking online for the concrete solution and even tried to resolve it by shutting down the device but their hard work went in vain.

Now, we are going to discuss a solution to this problem. To create a new mailbox to the RR mail, you need to change the account type to POP type. The steps to do it are:

  • Open ‘Mail, calendars and contacts’ from the settings.
  • Go to ‘Add an account’ and then on ‘others’
  • Add an email account.
  • You need to enter the name, mail ID, password and description.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Select IMAP or POP.
  • At last, you need to enter the account settings and confirm them.

For more information related to server details, port number and security servers you can contact RR com support. They know each and everything about Roadrunner mail. They will help you configure the right settings on your account. If the problem is big, then you can call them and ask them to take the remote link of your computer. They will fix the problem on their own.

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