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How To Fix The Problem Of ‘Unable To Access MS Word Files Sent Through RR Email In Windows XP’?

Those who are using Roadrunner email on Windows XP based computers are facing unique problems, i.e., data written in MS Word files that are sent as attachments being changed into binary codes at the receiver end. Let’s find out as to what this problem is and how it can be solved.

Windows XP is a sinking ship; there is no doubt about it, as the operating system is losing its customers with every passing day to a much-improved Windows 10 OS.

Even Roadrunner email users are facing issues when accessing their email accounts in Windows XP. Many online forums are filled with complaints in which users have explained the problem that they are facing at the time of sending emails to their contacts. In those emails, they have attached MS Word files as well, which is the main reason as to why there is a problem with the email. When their contacts received emails, they didn’t see any text in those MS Word documents, but there was a wall of unreadable codes.

This problem has left many users annoyed because some of the most important information is added into those MS Word documents, which their contacts are now unable to read. When it comes to a solution to this problem, a number of experts come out with their own unique solutions. One expert said that the problem has occurred due to the mismatch of MS Word software.

He said the problem could have occurred to the difference in MS Word versions used by the sender as well as the contacts. There seems to be no other explanation as to why that code was generated instead of the real message. The code that they receive is a binary code, which has no meaning to it unless they know how to decode such codes. Those who want to get the real message need to go to the Microsoft website and get Microsoft Office Word Viewer. Doing that will make them able to read the information.

Some other expert told that the problem could have occurred due to the antivirus. He said that if the users have installed MS Security Essentials installed on their computers, then they will have to get rid of those, as those don’t’ work anymore on Windows XP. Users will have to install Norton, McAfee and other top antivirus brands.

It is important for Windows XP users to know that there are new vulnerabilities found in the browser installed in the OS, which won’t be fixed by Microsoft as no new updates will appear on XP. Therefore, users will have to make arrangements on their own as to what security updates they need to install in the browsers.

Users can look for new updates, and if there is one or two available, then they should download and install those. Experts also advised users to take a backup of their data on a regular basis. Roadrunner email or any other email will not work properly on Windows XP, so users will eventually have to move onto a newer operating system.

Many users are getting a different kind of problems in their Roadrunner email, i.e., receiving an attachment labeled as ‘winmail.dat’ along with the main file. They have no idea as to what this file is, and some believe it could be a virus as well.

The whole situation is very annoying for RR email users because they are looking to send important files to their contacts, but the data in those files are being automatically converted into gibberish. Let’s see if Time Warner Cable comes with any solution to the problem, even if it is a temporary one.

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