How To Fix The Most Common Road Runner Web Mail Issue In Samsung Galaxy S7?

Road Runner web mail is supposed to work fine on any smartphone and/or tablet, but when it doesn’t then it causes a sense of frustration among the users. Lately, RR email users have encountered certain issues in Samsung Galaxy S7, which we have discussed in this blog post along with most appropriate solutions.

Roadrunner email is being used by TWC users, as they get this email as complementary from TWC for subscribing to one of their services. Roadrunner email is an advanced webmail service that works seamlessly on any device, let it be an Android device or an iOS. But, people as of late has been facing issues while accessing RR Login Email on Samsung Galaxy S7.

They don’t know as to what the issue is, but they have mentioned it on various forums that while setting up a business email on Samsung Galaxy S7, they are seeing certificate error. I mean, it’s really annoying to see such a thing because a business email is only be set up by one who is supposed to do some serious business tasks on his/her email. So, when such issues arise while setting up an email, then it brings a sense of frustration. People are really looking forward to a solution to this problem, which they will get in this blog post.

The solution for ‘certificate error issue while setting up business emails on Samsung Galaxy S7’.

The first thing for you to do is verify your RR email settings. You will have to check whether the settings you are seeing on the screen conforms with that given on the official Road Runner Web Mail website or not. If you have checked the settings and found those to be Ok, then you will have to get in touch with an email expert because only he will be able to resolve the issue.

2nd Issue: If an email user set up an email account, then it is quite obvious that he/she will set up an IMAP account, but what if someone wants to create a POP account? This is what is happening with many users, as they want to create a POP account, but they don’t know how to do so.

Solution: Setting up an email account by using either IMAP or POP3 is not a problem, but with www RR Com Login Mail, it can be a problem at times. In order to set up your RR email on Galaxy S7, you will have to use official Roadrunner email app.

Issue 3: How to set up RR email using POP3 settings on Samsung Galaxy S7 using Wi-Fi network?

Solution: Some people are not able to find the email server when trying to set up TWC email login on Samsung Galaxy S7 using Wi-Fi network. This problem may have risen due to the connectivity of the device because the problem only arises when people try to reach email servers using Wi-Fi connection. They will have to check their internet connection by trying to open other websites on the same Wi-Fi network.

Issue 4: Unable to save changes that are done in SMTP and email authentication settings. Moreover, there is no option to use POP3 settings for SMTP.

Solution: This problem occurs when you change the network frequently from your Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa. You need to stick to one internet connection. You will also find an option to use POP3 while setting up Roadrunner email, which means that you will have to set up your RR email account all over again in order to switch from IMAP to POP3.

Issue 5: How to get a summary of emails so as to enable mass deleting of emails instead of deleting emails one by one. Moreover, people are looking to find an option using which their emails can be closed automatically after they’ve sent out a reply.

Solution: It is possible for people to sort emails by date in Samsung Galaxy S7, but there are no settings to sort emails by day. Moreover, there isn’t any feature or setting in RR email that allows email to close on its own once the reply has been sent to the receiver. People will have to do it manually.

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