How To Fix RR Mail Not Working On Windows 10 Email App Issue?

There shouldn’t be any problem in accessing RR Mail Login  through Windows email app, but some users are not able to do so because their RR email account has not been properly configured with Windows email app. If you too are facing the same problem, then kindly read the below-mentioned blog post.

People who have installed Windows 10 email apps with a purpose of using RR email are completely disappointed because RR email is not getting synced with Windows 10 email app. So, let us find out if there is any solution to this problem, or will people have to change their email client in order to use RR email.

Windows 10 app has been a hit among users because there wasn’t any such app in Windows operating system in the past, and people too were clamoring for an app just to stay at par with Mac users. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Macintosh devices have an email app for a long time, which is one of the reasons why Windows users too were asking for the same.

Almost all Windows 10 users are using Windows email app, but some people are not happy with the working of this app because they are not able to set up their email accounts. Some people have tried to set up RR mail on Windows email app, which apparently they were not able to. Now, they want to know as to what the reason behind the unsuccessful set up of RR email account on Windows email app.

There could be a number of reasons behind the inability of Windows email app to configure RR email in it. Usually, the email set up process doesn’t take much time, but when there is any problem with the steps, then it can take forever. If you too are facing this problem, then there is no need to feel bad about it, as you can fix the issues that have barred RR email from being configured on Windows email app.

Many people have contacted Roadrunner support as well, but they have been told to change the port settings, as the earlier settings might be causing the issue to arise. RR email users including you want a solution to this problem because your primary email account is Roadrunner, and the computer/laptop you use has a Windows operating system.

Solution to the problem:

To start with, you will have to remove RR email account from the email app and add it again. Then, you need to check whether the email account is working or not. If it is not working, then the settings that you have done are wrong again. You can also confirm this by setting up RR mail login on another email client. If RR email account works in that another email client, then the problem is in your Windows email app. You will have to get in touch with RR email help and exports provider to check as to what is wrong with the email settings.

Here are the settings that you can use to make RR Com Login Mail work on your Windows email app

You can add the following port numbers to make your RR email work again:

  1. 143
  2. 110
  3. 587

You need to replace ‘’ with the server that you are using. Add these new settings and then take a look at your email account whether it is working or not. If it starts working, then that’s great, but if not, then you need to use Windows Live Mail instead of Windows email app. Or, you can get in touch with Timewarner Email Login help and support providers to fix this issue.

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