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How To Fix Roadrunner Email Settings Outdated Problem In Windows 10 Universal Mail App?

While using Windows 10 Mail app, if your email account settings are being deemed as outdated, then that’s one of those issues, which you will have to take very seriously because it is not going to be fixed until you take concrete steps for the same.

Have you downloaded Windows 10 Universal Mail and calendar app recently? If you have configured a business class email on the email app, let’s say Roadrunner email, then you can easily use your RR email without having to log into a separate platform. If you have configured RR email with Windows 10 Universal app, but the settings have been deemed outdated, then you need to find a way to fix it.

Many users after they opened Windows 10 Universal app saw a message at the top of their email account, i.e., ‘Settings of your account are outdated’. Along with the message, they see a couple of options, which are; ‘fix the problem’ and ‘Dismiss’. People have obviously chosen ‘Fix’ option, and after they selected the option, they saw a dark-colored window on the screen for two seconds followed by seeing the same message on the screen.

RR com email users have tried a number of things to fix those settings, but the problem seems to exist as it is. Sometimes, pity issues in the computer mess up the system so bad that they don’t get fixed despite trying multiple times. But, before they go ahead with the troubleshooting process, they need to take a backup of all their data because the data may be lost during the process.

The problem lies in account data, so the first thing for you to do is find the location where Windows Universal Mail App stores the data. A folder by the name of %LOCALAPPDATA%\Comms\ needs to be deleted in order to resolve the problem, but before that, you need to take backup of all data. If you don’t take the backup, then you may come across issues later on. So, don’t forget to take a backup before you begin the process.

To fix this problem, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open ‘Amin Powershell’ prompt. If you don’t know where to look for it, then go to ‘Start’ menu and search there. Now, right click on Windows Powershell and then, select ‘Run as Admin’.
  2. After that, you need to uninstall the applications. In order to do so, here is the command that you need to enter: Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object – Property Name – eq’microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps’ | Remove- AppxPackage’.
  3. Now, you should restart your computer so as to bring these new settings into effect.
  4. After deleting the folder in the discussion, you need to enter another command, i.e., Remove-Item – Path “$Home\AppData\Local\Comms\” –Recurse-Force.
  5. You can install the application again. The app can be downloaded from Windows Market, so install it from there.

Once the app is installed, you need to configure your RR Email account on the app. Everything will run in a smooth manner now, and you will be able to access your email without any interruption. If you are still seeing the same error message, then you need to go to Roadrunner Email Login help and support provider.

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