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How To Fix ‘Error 550’ Or ‘Unauthorized Recipient Error’ In Roadrunner Webmail?

The problem of not being able to send emails from an Gmail Account could have a number of reasons behind it. But, if you see ‘Error Code 550’ in the non-delivery report that you get in response to a particular email sent from your account, or ‘recipient not authorized’ message, then it somewhat confirms as to what problem you are dealing with. Let us delve into this particular problem in detail and also try to find the most accurate solution for the same.

Seeing ‘Error Code 550’ or ‘Recipient not authorized’ in response to a sent email could have many reasons behind it, which we will now discuss one by one. The problem is quite prevalent in RR Login Email, so our solutions will be based upon that particular email service.

1. Authentication failure: If you are not able to fully access your RR email account despite having entered the correct email ID and password, then there is certainly some problem with the email account. Problems could be anything, such as unable to send and/or receive emails, so if you think you are dealing with this problem, then that’s because of ‘Error code 550’. The problem may have sourced from SMTP authentication. When your email account hasn’t been properly configured with SMTP authentication, then you will see ‘Error code 550’. Companies in wake of protecting their servers from spammers and hackers are only allowing their customers to use SMTP authentication. As an email user, you will have to check ‘SMTP authentication’ box to verify the process. To do so, here is what you are going to do:

  • Go to email settings followed by clicking box ‘My server wants authentication’ to turn on SMTP.

2. Sending emails from a wrong email address: If you have been sending emails from a wrong email address then you will get an unauthorized sender error or server response error. The receive will not be able to recognize as to who sent the message, and thus, will reject the same. The server will block the email if the email address turns out to be invalid. Then, you can’t send emails to anyone. To fix that issue, here is what you will have to do:

  • Check whether the email address has been properly written during email account setup or not. Maybe you have made some alphabetical mistake.
  • It takes around 24 hours to activate a new email on the server.
  • While creating an email account, pay attention towards the special characters because most people make mistakes will entering special characters.

3. Sending emails to a non-existing email address: If you send emails to a non-existing email address, then it could cause problems like the one we are discussing here. If your sent emails have returned to your inbox, then it confirms that the email address that you’ve entered is wrong. Here is how you can rectify this problem:

  • Check if the email address that you’ve entered is correct, and doesn’t have any spelling error.
  • Also, make sure that there isn’t any problem with the recipient’s email server.

If the problem doesn’t get resolved after following aforementioned steps, then you need to get in touch with Roadrunner Email Login help and support providers. They will help you fix this error code 550 in the most suitable way.

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