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How To Fix Email Issues In RR Email That Is Configured With MS Outlook App For iPhone 6?

In Apple iPhone, you can install MS Outlook app and configure your RR email with it. Many iPhone users have done the same, and everything was working fine until one day when they begin to experience issues at the time of receiving emails in their RR email configured with Outlook on Apple iPhone 6. Let’s delve into the issue and find out why it occurred and how it can be fixed.

With Apple launching iPhone X a few months ago, many people have thought that the iPhone users will upgrade their smartphones and enjoy the best-in-the-class features that iPhone X has in the offing. However, that was not the case, as many users hang onto their existing smartphones because they didn’t feel the requirement of changing their iPhones and get iPhone X.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6S, two models that are still very popular have all the features and functionalities that a smartphone user could ask for. Everything works fine on these smartphones, from emails to games and music files to documents. Recently, some users have reported issues while accessing RR Email on iPhone 6 and 6S.

People using Roadrunner email account on their iPhone 6 email app are not able to access their email. They are able to receive emails from the server, but when they see those emails on the desktop, they just couldn’t do that. Apparently, RR email that is being used by people are configured with an email client named ‘MS outlook’, but users want their Apple iPhone and MS Outlook to operate separately. The problem wasn’t there in previous models of iPhone but has surfaced only after people begin to use iPhone 6 and 6S.

Apple iPhone 6 users had to change their RR email account type to POP3 in order to get emails on the desktop through Roadrunner email account. This was the only way of making things work. But since emails in an iPhone operate on IMAP, so the users can’t retrieve their emails on the desktop if the phone is on. Many users reported a different issue, i.e., unable to access TWC account via They had to use ‘[email protected]’, with ‘Cincinnati’ being their hometown.

The right solution for this issue:

A number of experts believe that there are certain settings in Apple iPhone, i.e., in the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ menu of the respective email account that allows them to spare a copy on the main server. If this step doesn’t work, then users will have the option of logging into their RR email account using their computers and then, check out if the option is available or not. This exact same procedure worked in iPhone 5, and it works in iPhone 6 as well.

Some experts have a completely different opinion on the issue. They have completely written off the fact that RR email will work with Outlook app for iPhone. They said that RR email is going to work with iPhone’s default email app. So, it will be a good idea to use that app to access RR email account. But, the right solution can be provided by Roadrunner email login help and support providers because they have been dealing with similar kind of issues for quite some time.

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