How To Fix “Cannot Get Mail” Errors On Your Apple iPhone?

The problem of unable to receive emails in the inbox that is configured on iPhone’s email app is in fact a very serious problem. If you are facing this problem, then you need to take help of experts in finding the right solution for the same.

Although iPhone is not a business phone, but many people use it for business purposes, and surprisingly, iPhone works fine for businesspersons as well. One of the most important tasks for businesspersons to do on smartphones is using emails. If you are using Road Runner Web Mail on Apple iPhone, which is creating issues as of late, then you need to go through this blog post as today, we will be discussing how to fix one of the most annoying issues, i.e., ‘can’t get email’ on Apple iPhone.

Those who are using iOS devices are facing a new issue while accessing their emails, i.e., whenever they are trying to refresh their emails from the iOS email app, then they are getting this message, ‘can’t get email’. Why this message is appearing, has a lot to do with the non-responsive behaviour of To fix this issue, you will have to ensure that the settings that you have done while setting up RR com email on the email app are right or not.

The issue may arise due to a faulty email server or bad internet connection that you are connected to.

What lead to ‘Can’t get email’ error in RR Com Login email when accessed on iPhone email app?

In the majority of cases, when you see ‘can’t get email’, but everything seems to be fine with the email app, then the problem may have occurred due to an error in the email server or bad internet connection. It is important that you don’t ignore these two factors as these are the most common reasons behind the problem that you are facing. Let us now discuss how to fix this issue in the easiest of the steps.

Smartphones today are not just used for pleasure, but the majority of people use it for hard core business purposes as well. Therefore, it is important to find a solution to the problem of, why is it not possible to get emails in the Time Warner Cable email inbox on iOS email app.

Try to send an email from RR email configured on iPhone’s email app

When you receive an error message while accessing your RR email account, then you need to try to send an email from that particular email account. The problem faced by you is related to the inability of the email to fetch new emails, but you can certainly send new emails to others. If you’ve configured multiple emails, then make sure that you send an email from the inbox that is creating issues.

Refresh your email’s inbox

If that aforementioned solution didn’t work, then you need to refresh the inbox. You can try refreshing the inbox, as it is going to resolve the issue because if bad internet connection or bad email server has caused the issue, then it can be solved by refreshing the inbox.

Force-stop iPhone’s email app

The problem could have occurred due to faulty email app, so what you can do is, you can open app switcher to resolve the problem. Open ‘app switcher’, slide up the email card followed by going to home screen to launch email app. You can also refresh the inbox to brighten your chances to fix the issue.

Check internet connection

Take a look at the internet connection because if the connection is weak, then that can result in all sorts of issues, including ‘unable to receive emails’ in the email app of iPhone. You can consult your ISP if you are unable to fix bad internet connectivity issue on your own.

Delete RR email account from email app and re-configure it

There could be a possibility that incoming and outgoing server related information has not been accepted by the email server. So, in that case, you will have to remove the email account and re-add it. Doing this will automatically configure the email settings. On top of that, you can refresh the inbox to use your email account to further increase the chances of getting emails in your RR email inbox.

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