How To Deal With Bellsouth Mail Issue On iPhone X?

Is your Bellsouth mail not opening properly on iPhone X or getting the problem in login the account from the device? If yes, then we can understand the level of frustration. Nowadays, email has become an important mode of communication in business. If it stops working, then we can imagine the outcomes of this outage. Your financial transactions may get affected by it. In order to get back to the mailing experience from the iPhone X, we have put together some steps which will most probably solve the mail problem. If you find any problem after this, then you can contact email support.

From last few days, we have been receiving complaints from the iPhone X users in which they have mentioned that they are not being able to use the Bellsouth mail account efficiently from their phone. Even they have tried to contact the support team but got no response from them. Keeping their complaints on priority, we are now going to discuss fixing steps for the same.

We recommend you to try opening the mail after performing each step. Once you get success, there is no need to move to the next troubleshooting step.

The problem in sending the mail

If you are not being able to send the mail from Bellsouth account, then check the outbox folder. There is a possibility that the message may store in outbox folder. To check the outbox folder, follow the steps.

Open phone mail app and click on ‘Bellsouth’.

Go to the Outbox folder from the left side of the menu.

If you find any message in the outbox folder, then identify the reason for the same and troubleshoot it.

If there is no mail available in the outbox folder, then it means the email address entered by you is incorrect, check the mail address properly and resend it.

The problem in accessing the mail with the password

If you are not being able to login to the account from the phone, then check the username and password. The login issue mainly arises with the wrong password entry. If the password is incorrect, then check the webmail and confirm it. The steps to check the password are:

  • Open Bellsouth webmail from the browser and click on username and password box to get the password on the screen.
  • If you forgot the password, then call your Bellsouth mail support service provider.

If the problem still exists, then you have to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Check the network connection: Check the Wi-Fi connection on other devices connected to the same network. If the signal strength is proper, then it means the network is OK. You don’t need to switch to the cellular network. If there is a problem with the wireless network, then you can switch to the cellular network.

Restart modem and router: To restart modem and router, unplug the device from the power source and wait for 20 minutes. Plug the device back into the power supply and check if it started working properly or not.

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