How To Create Signatures That Append To The Emails Automatically?

Want to know how to add a signature at the end of your email messages? Better read the blog post and get all the details regarding the signature creating process.

All professional emails will have a signature at the end, depicting the person who sent the email and where does he/she work. Having a signature at the end of the emails that you sent will give an idea to the recipients of your emails that you are some professional, offering some professional services, which will give a good impression about you.

In an email signature, you can include anything of your choice, i.e., your name, your designation, your contact details, address and website address of the company you work in and so on. Those who don’t know what an email signature is, they have to write all these aforementioned details every single time. Now, signatures are of different types, and what signature are you looking to have under your email message depends upon the email service you are using. In case you are using multiple email accounts, then you will have to configure signatures separately for each one of those accounts. Today, we will be discussing how to add a signature to your RR Login Email, so pay a close attention to the information that follows.

Plain-text signatures

You can use plain-text signatures, but you will have to configure it before you could place it under each one of your emails. What you need to do is, you need to enter the text that you wish to display under your email messages, and once you have entered all the details, just save the changes. Plain-text signatures work well with messages that are formatted in the text as well as HTML.

HTML Signatures

In case you want to add some HTML formatting to your signature, then there is an option in the settings of RR Email Login where you can tick mark ‘use HTML’ option. After enabling this option, you can format the signature text with HTML mark-up of your choice. When you send emails in text instead of HTML, then you are going to see text characters being changed with HTML mark-up.

Signatures saved in files

If you have created a beautiful signature in MS-Word, then you can upload it as well. But, first, you need to check whether RR email allows you to do that or not. In my opinion, Roadrunner email gives users an option to upload signatures from their local media sources. You can also upload a file that contains plain text or HTML formatted text. There isn’t any difference in these two types of signatures except that the HTML formatted text will be more stylish than the plain text. But, in order to read signatures in HTML formatted text, receivers must be on the email platform that allows them to read HTML formatted text. If they have disabled the feature to read HTML formatted text, then the signature will appear to them in a plain text format.

Now, let us discuss the process of creating an HTML formatted signature, then you can easily create one using online tools. If you are trying to create an HTML formatted signature, but are unable to do so, then maybe you have disabled the option necessary to see HTML formatted signature. Here is how you can fix that problem.

  1. Log into your RR email by visiting www RR Com. Then, compose the signature and select the format.
  2. Click ‘File’, then ‘Save As’ and then, ‘File’. You need to choose only HTML files. Once the file has been chosen, specify its name and click ‘Save’.
  3. Close the message dialog box, but do not save the message.
  4. Now, open account settings and then, select ‘email account’ in the left panel.
  5. Check the option that says ‘attach signature from a file’ and then click ‘choose’ button. Now, choose the file that you’ve made.

If you want, you can add images to your signature. You need to select an image from your PC or the internet, but keep in mind that the images are not large.

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