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How To Configure Roadrunner Email On Samsung S10 Plus Smartphone By Basic Steps?

Using IMAP settings on one device and POP on others will result in an error message on email screen. It is advisable to keep the email account type the same on all the devices. If you are unable to send or receive the messages from your account, then do configure the account properly. In order to cover the errors, you must setup IMAP account for RR Mail service.

To receive and send a message from your new Samsung S10 plus phone, you need proper configuration of email on it. If you have not entered the correct settings of your email, then you won’t be able to send or receive it. We are now going to discuss the steps to configure RR Com Login Mail on Samsung S10 plus smartphone. Roadrunner email is one of the best and leading mail service used in the U.S.

To start with the process, a stable internet connection is required. If you have enabled data connection on the phone, then it’s ok otherwise, you can connect the phone to the wireless network as well. You can connect the S10 phone to the Wi-Fi network through below mentioned steps.

  • Open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Wireless’.
  • Tap ‘Wi-fi’. It must be turned on.
  • To connect the device to the network. Click ‘Scan’. You will find the SSID of the network in the list.
  • Select SSID and enter the password to connect to it.
  • If you are successfully connected, then you will find the connection status and icon on the mobile screen. You can check the icon on the top.

Note: Check whether you are using the latest version of OS in your phone. If you have installed the previous firmware version in your phone, then you can download the latest by connecting it to the wireless network.

Configuring the roadrunner email

  1. Open ‘Settings’ and search for ‘Apps’.
  2. Click on ‘Email’ app from the given list.
  3. Check for ‘Roadrunner’ in the list. If it is not available, then add it manually.
  4. To add it manually, enter the username and password in the first two fields.
  5. Now you will be asked to select the account type. You can select IMAP or POP type.
  6. Enter email settings for the selected account type.
  7. Click Sign-in.
  8. Read on-screen instructions to enter the settings for the IMAP account type.
  9. Click ‘Done’ once everything gets done.

Email settings for Roadrunner email account

  1. Username: Enter email address in the field.
  2. Password: This is the same as you use to login to the email account.
  3. SSL: It should be enabled for SMTP or IMAP account type.
  4. Protocol: IMAP. To know more about IMAP or POP account type, you can read on-screen instructions from the home screen page.
  5. Port: 587. This is the same for all roadrunner email account.
  6. Outgoing email address:
  7. Port: 993. It is different from that of the incoming mail address.

Authentication required: Yes. It is the same for both the account type.

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