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Are You Irritated With Repetitive Password Check Program Of Your Roadrunner Email?

Some infuriated users on the Roadrunner forum have complained about repetitive password check program introduced in the email server. In this process, the users’ authentication is verified through password entry. You need to enter the password every time, you login to the account. Keeping their concern on priority, we are now going to discuss steps to bypass this process from computer or from any other device on which the email is configured.

One of the Email users in the complaint forum has written that he has tried to login to the account with the existing password but he is getting the login error again and again though he has tried too many attempts to get rid of this problem.

Reply from Roadrunner email support team: The technical experts who are working on this issue have replied in negative. They said, the issue is not from the company side or from the server end but it is from the device itself from which users are accessing the email. Our team has tried to resolve this problem with the help of some steps which we are going to discuss here as under:

  1. Change the auto-login interval: If you have configured a mail which will check for any new message after every 5 minutes, then increase this time span. You can increase it to 20 mins which are most recommended time period. If you are still getting the login problem, then go to next troubleshooting step.
  2. Delete keychain elements if any from Roadrunner: According to the experts, the keychain elements available inside the email sometimes create a problem. So, it is advisable to delete all those keychain items by getting into the ‘Roadrunner settings’ window and click on ‘Utilities’. Here, all the keychains items linked to the account will be displayed. Click on them to start removing one by one.
  3. Click to cancel and try after sometime: This is another way to get rid of the sign-in problem. In this step, you simply need to tap ‘Cancel’ button from the home screen. When you get ‘Failure’ message on screen, you will get cross button on the top. Click on that button to close the window and login to the account again by launching the login window again. This will solve the problem most of the times.
  4. Enter complete email address: Entering an incomplete email address in the address field may prompt you to enter the password again and again as the identity of the user will mismatch with the server information. So, you must try entering the complete email address along with the domain name in the ‘Address’ field. If you get success after this, then you will stay login to the page until or unless you log out of it.

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