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5 Different Ways To Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email Issues Encountered On iPhone XR

A good number of users are using their iPhone XR for accessing the Roadrunner email. They find it easier to send and receive emails from the iPhone rather than switching on the laptop again and again for the same purpose. However, from the last few days, some users are getting problems in receiving the email notifications on their iPhone XR. They are curious to know the solution for the same.

The steps which we are going to discuss are well-tested and verified by the experts, so you can proceed without any hesitation. Yes, if you using any other iPhone model, then even the same steps will work for your Roadrunner email.

  1. Check the internet: If you are getting a problem in receiving the signal from the RR server, then check the internet connectivity on a device first. If you are facing problems accessing the internet on cellular data, then connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi network of your home or vice-versa. Enter the SSID and password to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  2. Restart email app: If the app is restarting again and again without the prior notification, then it means some files are missing in the cache. You can force restart the app from settings and check if the problem has been resolved or not.
  3. Restart iPhone XR: It is quite simple to restart the iPhone XR. Press the volume up button along with the power button from the right-hand side of the phone. You will find the power off option appear on the top-screen. Slide to the right to turn it off. If you are using the previous model of the iPhone then simply press the power button and restart with the same steps. If the problem gets resolved, then it’s well and good else contact experts.
  4. Update iOS: Sometimes, the firmware version of OS installed on the iPhone XR doesn’t the email to work properly. If you find such an error on your iPhone, then perform an update for OS. You can perform the update by clicking on the ‘Update’ option from the ‘about’ menu. Click to see if the update is available or not. Start downloading the update and wait for a few minutes. This step will hopefully solve the problem.
  5. Delete Roadrunner email account: The steps to delete the account are given on the RR email account page. If you don’t know the steps to delete and sign-out of the account, you can remove the components from the phone manually as well. This is like a last resort to the email problem on iPhone XR.

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